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Reflex armour is the Kalshodar mainstay and a miracle of modern engineering. 

Mithril, that magical metal dwarves so love is quite the enigma. When first discovered were beset by failure and near disaster as they tried to make this beautiful metal useful.  Eventually, they found ways to alloy it with other harder metals in order to overcome its unique properties but, as science progressed, they discovered something truly marvellous. Mithril, in its refined state is somewhere between liquid and solid, a trixotropic metal but, under the influence of the right electric and magnetic fields; it can become more rigid and harder than diamond while remaining much, much lighter.

Kalshodar and Dracograth armour is made up of numerous secret alloys, complex polymers, and is reinforced with pure mithril in its natural state. 

The armour is infused, thanks to mithril's unique nature, the reflex fields which both act to repel physical and kinetic attack and toughen the surface of the armour itself by influencing the mithril when needed, infuse the entire suit.

Wearing this armour, Kalshodar are practically invulnerable to most attacks. 

The Kalshodar is show bearing their most typical load-out, all properly stowed on their heavy belt; dragon-hilted cutting sword or kopis, Manticora Linear Accelaration Rifle, and the cermonial knife all of the Dragon's sons bear.

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