The Empyraeum Novellas; a five-book series set in the universe of Alexander's Empyraeum. Each novella expands both storylines began in the Collections and also the characters. Want to see how it is when Alexander, Kalliades and Neshaa have breakfast in a modern kitchen? Want to find out what Sham's absolute favourite meal is and who makes it? Want to find out what happens when Jesus and Neshaa start debating? Look no further. Do you want all of your questions answered and everything tied up neatly? I am so sorry but I think you got #Lost!


Skander Drago - Empyreum Novella Alpha


Skander Drago woke up in the backstreets of Santo Domingo one morning. Considering he is what is locally known as a 'gringo rico' it is actually quite the miracle that he woke up at all.  He was a man without an identity, without documentation, without any memory prior to waking up that morning except for fragmented and strange dreams. He soon finds that without money here, he is a no-one. He descends deep into the underbelly of Santo Domingo and comes out as the boss. Soon, it is obvious there is something very different about Skander. Not just his pale skin and very blonde hair, not just his oddly coloured eyes. Something much deeper. People love him, people follow him. Men who would normally kill an upstart Gringo without blinking are following him and completely loyal to him. He is soon running his crew of three hundred until one of them suggests a completely new direction for the incredibly charismatic Skander...


The Victory of Wolves - Empyraeum Novella Beta


"There shall be no victory for the wolves, there is only me!"


Marcos the Spartan, later known as Lupernikes; said the be so dour he makes Kalliades look cheerful; enjoys his laconic reputation. He has earned it, a brutal punishment which he metes out for a terrible crime catches Alexander's attention and becomes, in part responsible for Marcos being made a great offer; to become the first of the Ten Thousand. What he does not know is that he will also be the guinea pig for The Ritual of the Kalshodar. Learn about the actual Ritual although you might want to skip that part; first, he cooks lunch for Sham, then he makes him lose it....


The gaps are starting to be filled in and, of course, there are other novellas coming but; how much will get answered and how much will just lead to even more questions?


Neshaa - Empyraeum Novella Gamma


Alkemas Neshaa; he was a foot soldier in Darius' army who joined Alexander's during the great festival at Susa. Follow his path from a simple soldier - deeply and openly disliked by his Greek compatriots - to eventual Commander of the Dracograth.

Not just a soldier, Neshaa is a deeply spiritual man, adherent of the Zoroastrian religion of his homeland. In Jerusalem, as part of Alexander's bodyguard, as he puts down the rebellion that never was, Neshaa meets Yeshua ben Josef and the two spend hours and days discussing the nature of belief and the very name of God.


Perhaps the most contradictory of the Dracograth and Kalshodar, Neshaa is not just a soldier with a brilliant mind as Kalliades is, a Spartan with an amazing education as Lupernikes or a big bugger with an odd sense of humour like Korax. He deserves his story to be told and here it soon will be.  


Charmer of Snakes - Empyraeum Novella Delta


Shamshir Naik, itinerant holy man and former prince in the mould of Siddartha? Meddler and spymaster? Master manipulator and mover of events? Teacher and mentor? True and honest friend doing what he can to preserve those he loves with all the talents he has got? Which, if any, of those, is he? Who knows?

Come on this journey; from rural Kolkata to modern day Alexandria-Upon-Thames to find out. As he meets Alexander on the banks of the river Indus and travels to Babylon what is his purpose when Alexander almost dies in that royal city is it Sham who saves him or that mysterious visitor nobody quite remembers seeing? Does Sham know that mystery man? 

After the Empyraeum is safe and claimed; Sham, afraid of what will happen if Alexander discovers the immortality he kept secret from him, flees and is thought dead. Where does he go and what does he do until Neshaa sees him on the moon all those years later?

Follow the path of the Charmer and everyone's favourite bad mannered, cigar smoking joker who always has a laugh ready. Remember he is always where he is supposed to be but how does he know?


Son of the Dragon - Empyraeum Novella Epsilon.


"Alexander disappeared almost three thousand years ago, a hundred years after the death of his deepest friend, Yeshua the Kristoman, we have been looking for him ever since."

Where DID Alexander go during his three èyion absence? Did he go off into space as she hinted? How is that even possible? Did she actually already know where he was as Neshaa suspected?

Join Alexander on the hardest journey of them all, one where the body may well go nowhere but the mind...well who truly knows where the mind can go? Did Alexander leave Gaia at all and how did he end up in Santo Domingo, a few hundred years too early?
When the greatest threat of all - that for which he is certain the Kalshodar were made - emerges, he realises the Rule of Three applies always; it never rains but it pours! He must remove one threat to Gaia in order to defend against another. He must face his own inner darkness and past, face them and accept them.

He must face a monster and defeat it without himself becoming one.