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From their base on the surface of and far beneath Sèlene, Gaia's natural and much-modified satellite, The Empyraen Renment wait. 

They were effectivelty left behind eion ago when the Dragon's Crown, the vast spacecraft being built to be the Hègemons great flag-ship upon his eventual though imminant return, vanished, leaving Dwarf and human workers floating in empty space. Thankfully they were close enough to the Selenar Ring to be quickly rescued but they still had a problem. 

A whole population of several thousand has been brought up here, not only workers and engineers but Army and Navy staff and ratings, pilots, the upgraded epibatoi ship guards, and their families. It had been expected for the ship to leave, that's what they'd been building it for, but after a suitable ceremony and with all of them on it.

One thousand Kalshodar also remained when Lupernikes too his army off into the Stars and they joined what effectively became a very much standing army; standing around on Sèlene with nothing to do! 

Or so it may have seemed at the time. 

Then came the Discoveries, before and after the Steward came to them. 

Steward Lupernikes, once the decision was made to launch the Kalshodar and their fleet of new ships into space in search of Alexander, came to the current Navarch of the increasingly less military community and, during a quiet ceremony in the Sea of Silence, swore them to the now infamous Order of Silence. 

Sit, this Order said. Wait, it continued. Prepare, train, and await orders, either from The Steward or Alexander Himself. Once Alexander was found, Gaia would need those still loyal to lead the liberation effort. 

The Union were getting well entrenched but Alexander, when they found him, he'd know what to do. 

In the eion since, the Selenar population (those born there known as gèalers and immediately recognisable due to their extremely pale skin and great height) has grown; human, Dwarf, and goblin. Three great sub-selenar cities have been expanded upon (The Ancients left large installations behind) or built; the High, Middle, and Deep Cities of The Empyraen Remnant (E-R) in the former, the Dwarves in the latter, and everyone else inbetween. 

A thriving multi-species community and highly organised military installation have grown and, below it all, the Dwarves labour to supply and build it all, the goblions to improve it. 

There is an army waiting there for Alexander now, and thousands of free men and women of all heights and colours waiting for The Empyraeum that Returns. 

Recently, soldiers including Sgt. Gwydion's much improved epibatoi have taken themselves and much of the updated military hardware down to Gaia, linking up with the near-completely defeated and dispirited Panastàs in their hour of greatest need. Together, they have began a pitched guerrilla war in and below the streets of Lùndùn, certain Alexander is soon to return and keen to have everything ready for him when he does. 

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