There are some dark myths surrounding the genesis of the Kalshodar.

There is talk of a Ritual about which no Kalshodar will speak. Magic is laughed at but then, the Empyraeum's best soldiers and master wear glowing runes on their armour which appear to move of their own volition...

Everyone "knows" that The Dragon made them, turning them into giants of men. They stand between 8'6" and 9 feet tall and are broader than most humans. Their eyes unsettle people though nobody could tell you why. They also have, if one dares to get close enough to look, a faint patterning of almost transparent scales around their temples and throat, as well as under their arms and in their groinal region.

There is another dark rumour about the Kalshodar and their 'mother'; it is that can neither die nor suffer injury for long. They have something like the gift of the salamander; they can regrow any tissue they lose and, so the darkest whispers go, regenerate entire from just one single cell.

These rumours are, of course, completely without basis in evidence and their origins denied.