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The Kalshodar were seen by many as the embodiment of the Empyraeum. 9-10 foot giants in silver and black armour who, by their mere existence, demonstrated just how much the world had changed. These silent warriors were seen across the Empyraeum and, surprisingly, were a reassuring presence to many.

The idea that one hundred of these giants were nearby meant that no raider, bandit, or invading army would dare raid your town or village. A fight would evaporate in seconds the minute the name was spoken. They became a threat made positive; yes they were terrifying, giant warriors who could tear you in half without effort but they were our terrifying giant warriors.

In their unique armour, encrusted with glowing runes, marked with warlike and draconic designs, carrying swords and shields that are larger than most men, they certainly inspire fear, a sense of otherness. We have seen kings stammer when addressed by a Kalshodar, we have seen the sense of stunned awe which they universally receive. We can see why they are almost worshipped; because of them, the Empyraeum was invincible, it was quite the source of national pride.

When they simply disappeared, it was quite the shock to most Empyraen citizens, it seemed easier to either pretend they were still there or never had been. There was also bitterness, the feeling that they had abandoned us. That when we needed them most they had actually ran away.

In some way, to many people’s thinking, the Kalshodar were not real, at least what we believed about them was not. If they were not real, then, was the Empyraeum also a lie?

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