The Empyraeum Collections; a gathering of poetry and short story. Introductions to the world of The Empyraeum, the world where Alexander was not just Great but he was Eternal. Explorations of three to four distinct worlds, timeframes and storylines which, as the series progresses, turn out to be one story, linked in the least expected of ways. Essential reading before the Novellas! No spoilers as such, they just make more sense that way. Are you ready for the most complex web or tales you have seen in a long time? 


Collections: Anthologìa. Empyraeum Collections: Collected

For the first time, all short stories from the Empyraeum Collections are organised chronologically and divided by era.

A fascinating overview to the development of the Empyraeum, the genesis of the Kalshodar and Dracograth, the key events that drove History, and the people who were behind them; learn where the Empyraeum began and where it is going. 

Includes brand new original artwork by the author and some brand new short stories, including an early sneak peek of the upcoming novel : Flame Undying

Anthologìa, the definitive guide to The Empyraeum. 


Collections Alpha; The Wondering Wanderer - Collected Worlds

A collection of poetry and short story beginning the journey into a world where Alexander the Great never died but went on to become immortal and conquer the entire world;


1) Embodied; in a string of natural disasters following the 1,500th anniversary of Alexander's disappearance, something truly sinister is occurring. At each catastrophe, a mysterious figure is seen emerging from the chaos as if a part of it.

2) Seeker; What does the Seeker seek? In a far corner of the galaxy, the mysterious passengers have a much deeper secret than any on the Belmorrah can imagine.

3) Trinity; in the background of all out war around Earth two mysterious beings try to learn how to deal with a too fast-changing world in the depths of terrible grief.


The very start of a complexly interlocking series of characters and events which cross time and space throughout the period of 2,000 years during which Alexander went unexplainedly absent. Weaving together with poetry to tell one larger tale.



Collections Beta; The Wakeful Dreamer and Other Journeys

The second in the series of collected works set in The Empyraeum Universe, a world where the Boy King did not die in Babylon but somewhere in the Himalayas discovered immortality;


"I watched Alexander die in Babylon, I filed past his bed as he breathed is last with the rest of his army; that iconic moment really took place but then, it did not. I remain immortal and have watched what you would consider Modern Western Civilisation come to be. I met Caesar, I met Jesus the Nazarene on the Via Dolorosa before he was crucified ( I was that roman soldier), I fought in many of your wars, I smashed down the gates as we liberated concentration camps and saw unspeakable horrors. I watched your world become and also that it never was; I have lived in both worlds. I have lived as a lost, wayward immortal without answers or purpose and I have stood beside the man who united the world - from sunrise to sunset - into one Hegemonic whole."

1) The Dragon of Macedon; learn the origins of the Kalshodar and Alexander's immortality and just who She is.

2) The Sleeper Awakens; The Origin of Gabriel and his transformation into Trinity.

3) The Wakeful Dreamer; Deep in his past, Gabriel has some troubling secrets.


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Collections Gamma; Turn Out to Inward, as Time Winds by


The third in the increasingly popular Empyraeum Collections series. It will leave you wondering; who is he? What is he? Where is he from? Was that his plan from the far beginning?


1) The 10 Thousand; Kalliades and the newly formed Drakograth train the incoming Kalshodar and the 10 thousand are formed.

2) Hero; How Gabriel and Unity met on that fateful night in London, Gabriel begins to be aware that nothing is as it seems, starting with his very self.

3) WetWare; Uncle Martin of Embodied presents a new discovery, of incredible significance, which can either unify the world again or destroy it. He also learns that Alexander, in fact, may not be as dead as is commonly believed.

4) The Thirteenth Watcher; following The Fall of The World, a community of survivors finds a curious way to hold back the dark and keep them safe but is the thirteenth of their watchers mocking them all?


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Collections Delta; Whispers from Behind the Eyes; of Many Minds


All things must end, will the story in three stories now reveal the connection behind it all; the big secret or did you think that there will be no more questions? All will be revealed... in good time...


1) March of the Dragon; "From sunrise to sunset"... in the Far East, Alexander and Kalliades watch the sunrise and then, crossing the known world, down in the farthest West, they watch it set. Along the way, the Dracograth discuss their purpose with the 'snake' everyone seems to love.


2) The Council; A shadowy organisation claiming right something that should belong to everyone and try to force to Martin to surrender it. Can the most mysterious of figures help him to escape in time?


3) The Dragon’s Crown; Kalliades seeks Her help - since Alexander is still missing and his people are becoming increasingly desperate - to plan the future of the Empyraeum. It is time for action and a definitive plan.


4) Dragon’s Nest; Heavily armed, heavily armoured they are sent by the Council to a location miles below the streets of Lùndùn to a location which does not exist, to find secrets no-one believes in anymore. Not even the mercenary Commander believes his true mission objective can be real.


5) Infamy; Everyone deserves a headline, isn’t that right? Infamy has a price, always of course but what does the ‘policeman’ with the dead eyes really want? Gabriel begins to wonder how safe he really is...