The Empyraeum Collections; a gathering of poetry and short story. Introductions to the world of The Empyraeum, the world where Alexander was not just Great but he was Eternal. Explorations of three to four distinct worlds, timeframes and storylines which, as the series progresses, turn out to be one story, linked in the least expected of ways. Essential reading before the Novellas! No spoilers as such, they just make more sense that way. Are you ready for the most complex web or tales you have seen in a long time? 


Collections: Anthologìa. Empyraeum Collections: Collected

For the first time, all short stories from the Empyraeum Collections are organised chronologically and divided by era.

A fascinating overview to the development of the Empyraeum, the genesis of the Kalshodar and Dracograth, the key events that drove History, and the people who were behind them; learn where the Empyraeum began and where it is going. 

Includes brand new original artwork by the author and some brand new short stories, including an early sneak peek of the upcoming novel : Flame Undying

Anthologìa, the definitive guide to The Empyraeum.