Raguel; Archangel of Justice, Harmony, and Order.


The fourth member of the Quad of Archangels.


Twin brother of the third archangel Rafael though nobody is sure neither how this can be nor how it happened.


Heard the case of the nephilim from Enoch and delivered the Creator's later judgement.


Strange rumours exist as to his and Rafael's 'connection'. It is said that, together, they are even able to hear the Thoughts of the Creator!


Can actually see perfectly fine with or without his blindfold.


Has a rather dry and flinty sense of humour knows to very few.

Archangel Raguel

The fourth of the Archangelic Quad, Raguel is the angel of Justice, Harmony, and Order. 


It is widely believed that all of the angels, especially the archangels are brothers as they were simply made in the Beginning by the Creator. They are right yet they are also wrong. Firstly, angels are creatures of pure spirit and are, therefore, completely without gender. Secondly, the manner and order in which the Creator brought the different Choirs or ranks of angels into being makes them closer to cousins than siblings if such a simplistic classification can be applied.


Rafael and Raguel, though, actually are brothers. Nobody has asked the Creator how and, of course, why but they are non-identical (though very similar) twins. Michael is firm that it was intentional, Gabriel softly argues it was a fortunate accident. Things can get heated when the topic comes up and the brothers tend to leave their brethren to it. It is strongly suspected by not just their fellow archangels that they know what happened. There is something about the 'look' they share when the others start to 'discuss' the matter.


For twins, the two could not be less alike.


While Rafael is airy and carefree, Raguel is serious and even-tempered. Not as serious as Michael but many joke that this would be quite impossible; the Creator used up all of His supplies stern and dour when He made Michael. There simply was not enough left. 


As the angel of Justice, he is expected to be steadfast and balanced. He is expected to be even and constant. He was the one who heard Enoch's pleas for the nephilim and it was he who carried the Creator's Answer to the terrified prophet. He gladly demurred to Michael when it came time to hand down that judgment for he abhors violence, preferring negotiation.


When they think they are alone, the brothers will talk together about matters they have studied with their unique yet still combined viewpoints. Raguel whispers that he thinks the Creator had quite a bit of Lucifer left over "on his Hands" when he made Michael; there is a rage, a pleasure from violence to him which is hauntingly familiar


Michael has already heard and is, deep inside his heart, afraid that they might be right. He has never forgotten that moment over Atlantis when he wavered. he just did not realise that Raguel was watching.