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Locrian Armour, or Avaitor Armour is a variant of Kalshodar armour designed by the famous engineer Iactus. 

He reasoned that, especially during the Great Exodus, that the Kalshodar would need pilots and engineers among their ranks as the Exodus was Kalshodar business and nobody else was invited. No dwarves and no humans. 

But the magnetic fields and plasma effects found in spaceship engine plants and conduits did curious things to a man wearing Reflex Armour, curiously fatal things. 

So, together with the Dwarves he and those other Kalshodar interested in learning some of their arts (no none Dwarf could ever have the patience or ability to learn them all), Locrian Armour was designed, each apprentice later designing and forging their own suit based off the template as part of the 'graduation'. 

Locrian Armour is designed to be tough and void-safe while carrying no Reflex Field or mithril, it is made from lightweight, non-magnetic alloys and fibroplastics. it is also designed to fulfil a dual role, just as its wearers are; to be light and flexible enough to allow one to pilot a Gryphon or Harpy, as well as operate in the potentially terminally dangerous engine spaces of Kalshodar Cruisers. 

It is designed to keep its wearer alive in the event of explosive loss of pressure as much as in the event of a reactor cascade. 

The curious helmet design is meant to honour those from whom they learned their valued knowledge, the Dwarves, combining their traditions with the Kalshodar's own, as well as being practical, carrying thier own air recycling and custom CAW (Combar Awarness) systems. 

Those Kalshodar that wear it, now often known as Locrians, are tasked with piloting Gryphon dropships, keeping the giant cruisers in working order, and fixing whatever needs to be fixed, be it a gun or suit of armour

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