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Lupernikes was a wise Steward. Following the discovery of the abandoned Ancients base on the Moon, he authorised the construction of what would be humanity's first space fleet and greatest hope at once. Fifty "Arks", named after the tale from Judaman scripture, took ten years to build. The now famous 'Millennial Million Lottery' of all aspirant peoples from across the Empyraeum and beyond took five more to complete. 

One million people were chosen, 20,000 to each of the massive ships, to spread out into the stars and secure Mankind's legacy against potential disaster on her Mother home. Maybe Lupernikes had a feeling for what was to come, nobody knows for sure. The Eosians, as they were called, for they represented a new dawn for humanity, set sail at dawn, on Gameliom 15th to great celebration and fanfare, as well as sadness for few believed they would see the pioneers ever again.

Nobody did, for close to five hundred years. 

We still do not know how many survived. A number of the Arks suffered either technical difficulties or from negligence of their generational, hereditary crew. This was a time before Voidgate travel was a possibility, we had yet to bring the Sentinels to life. Though the Arks were programmed to halt and orbit the first habitable world they encountered, we fear many never managed to do so. 

We have found evidence of some dozen or so colonised planets and moons during the Long Pilgrimage of the Kalshodar, though and, perhaps, we shall find more, though none have tried to contact the homeworld yet. 

Some suffered an aborted attempt at building civilisation as rampaging Ghorkai or other exos either lived on the planet they discovered already or arrived shortly after. The Kalshodar found a number of these failed colonies too, as well as the wrecks of ravaged or forgotten Arks. 

Some forgot their origins over time and fell to primitive ways, believing the tales of their star-travelling ancestors to be fanciful god-talker whimsy. To others, yet stranger things occurred.

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