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Alexander the Great never died in Babylon; in fact in what may have been called 323 B.C. something very strange happened in the Royal City.  Something involving snakes we think.


His army made a great trek to the Himalayas and, beneath the tallest mountain in the world, everything changed. Ten Thousand, three hundred and two walked in; the same number of giant, perfect soldiers walked out. 


They crossed the ancient world to teach a great lesson to all they encountered. That not all empires need to be founded on blood...


Some of them are founded on something even stronger than swords.


Of course, it does come down to blood eventually, it always does. Alexander vanished for quite some time and then he returned but what he brought back...well...what indeed.... 


On a ghost ship in orbit of a far-off planet they all saw humanity's future and grim would be an optimistic assessment. They never really engender optimism. They are coming to Earth though, a lot of them!


Then there are our friends, The Council. They have gotten quite used to running the Earth unopposed. They are not going to like this, not after all the effort they went to making everyone think Alexander was a myth...


How is it going to look for them when he comes back, his Dragons behind him?




Empyraeum: A Flame Undying

Alexander is finally back! It has been quite a journey but it is not over yet. Not only do we have an unimaginable threat coming right at us from behind. There is that same old irritant right in front. The irritant that got quite strong while we were away. Before Earth can be readied for defence, it must first be brought low. A bloodless conquest is no longer an option.

Those who were left behind are not necessarily lost...


Empryaeum: Kronos Rising

When you fighting for your species' survival but are really not all-together sure about the guy at your back. You know how that is, right? Alliance was the only option for survival but what is going to happen once they actually, well, survive? The last thing humanity needs is to go from the battle for its very existence straight to a power struggle. 

How do you make sure that once the common enemy is gone that your ally cannot take the opportunity to strike you in the back?

Sometimes, in order to survive, one must make some very difficult choices. You have also to choose your friends very carefully.


Empyraeum: Phoenix Falling

All good things must come to an end, am I right? So they say, whoever it is that they are. All great organisations, peoples, empires...they all end, people say.

What would happen if the biggest secret of them all, the one which links the Empyraeum's source of technology with it's future came to light? What if that truth was so incredible yet so shocking it was maybe better that people did not know...

What if the secret were best left buried forever? You swore to protect them, from all threats and dangers. Does protecting them from their own selves count?

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