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Though the Empyraeum has a great deal of advanced technology, much of which will be mentioned later, the weapons and armour of its soldiery are, perhaps, the most obvious and noticeable.

As citizens will know by now, the Empyraeum did not vanish, it did not retreat, and it certainly continues. It has been busy preparing to safeguard Gaia and has not been lax in its duties. 

Even now, after the Empyraeum suffered fragmentation, disaster, and war, as well as usurpation, we are assisting dutiful citizens who honour the Hegèmon even in his absence and resist those who seek to destroy all we have built.

Those who seek to take what is not theirs and replace a prosperous peace with conflict and greed.  A society of tranquillity and cooperation with one of dominance and conformity. 

A bloodless conquest will not solve this current crisis; too many citizens have already died.

We are here, we are already among you, we will end this horror, we promise you. 

Be strong for help is at hand!

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