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Gaia, the mother and cradle of humanity; the planet upon which The Empyraeum was born, the birthplace of Alexander and the Kalshodar, and home of The Dragon. 

It was on Gaia that Alexander achieved what were, perhaps, his greatest victories to date, against the most uneven of odds; Granicus, Gauagmela, the crossing of the Bosporus, the campaigns of Indike, the discovery of The Dragon Herself, and the Bloodless Conquest that founded The Empyraeum Everlasting

Yet, when Alexander left, the centre did not hold and The Empyraeum began to unravel; Gaia though hom to the human race still, is once again a planet divided and of conflict. 

In some locations, unrest and resistence has emerged, places that were once the greatest bastions of The Empyraeum itself; beneath the ancient city of Lundun, a new movement is growing fast, people are coming together of their own free will to find a way to oust the damaged status quo and put something better in its place. 

Nobody seems to agree on what that replacement will be but that has always been humanity's way, has it not?

Around the single sun which brought humanity out of the oceans, on Selene, Gaia's solitary and lonely moon, something is stirring and it about to get a lot bigger. 

Perhaps there is hope for humanity yet, or perhaps they do what they always have....

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