One would think that, after all this time, the human race would have put all of its silliest habits behind itself. That millennia under common endeavour would convince everyone that the only race worth worrying about is good old andras skepsi alone.

Alas, but Apateon and his hateful regime would not exist were that so. Some section of the human race must always feel superior by making others inferior, it would seem, though Alexander claims to know how to change that...

There were over one thousand signatories on the historic Alexandria Accords, each mark representing a nation, an ethnic group, a race or offshoot. Over one thousand people who signed their name in the belief that we could all, some day, really be equal. That was, and to me remains, the Dream of Empyraeum. One thousand nations under one flag, one dream, one language with a thousand variations and one culture expressed a thousand different ways. Perhaps this is just a simple soldier's dream.

Of course, if the human race - not just the Post Human "hybrids" that are the Kalshodar and Dracograth - knew about all of the ther races both on Gaia and off of it, then they'd probably forget their own differences fairly quickly!