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Psybers believe that all advanced technology is created and that one with the sufficient training can use the growing network known as the Ariadnèa to access and manipulate it. All data is connected, they say, even electricity and light. 

They are devotees of what they call The Engine, which they consider to be the literal avatar of  the living Gaia, the consciousness all life of the entire planet - organic or 'evolved' - expressed through this technology. Their greatest goal is to commune with Gaia directly and learn all there is to know; every thought, feeling, piece of data, knowledge, and discovery ever made in human history and, perhaps, even before. They claim that all is preserved within Gaia. 

In order to allow a more direct, simpler, and near-constant connection to this network, Psybers replace what they see as weak or limiting flesh with pysber-mimentic parts and add implants to their eyes and brains. A psyber can access the Ariadnèa without any form of equipment save that which they have grafted to their eyes and inside of their skull. 

To their mind, organic life and its varied experiences are complete distration from what they see as a higher calling so, upon receiving their first implants and joining a group of Psybers, the new 'recruit' will surrender their birth name and choose a new one that they feel suits their function better, they will also cease to express any form of gender. To a Psyber, gender is only useful should one wish to procreate organically, which they do not. A Psyber lives for the moment they can perfect their body and skills to the level that they can reach their goal of true Confluence with Gaia. 

By nature, Psybers are not social creatures so, should one need one, they are hard to find but, it is said, if your cause is just (or beneficial to their goals) a Psyber or Psybers will find you. 

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