Alexander's Royal Guard and shock troops, the Dracograth number three hundred; never more, never less. It is said that Alexander likes his symbolism and wishes to honour the Spartans of Thermopylae who made his initial campaign possible. 

A 'typical' Dracograth stands between 9 and 10 feet tall and they tend to be 'rangier' than their Kalshodar brethren though their heavier armour makes them look broader and taller. Their 10 foot mostly ceremonial 'Spear' also adds to their appearance of bulk. 

With a snarling dragon on their head, a Dracograth is indeed and intimidating sight, even when the jaw of their helmet is open, allowing their mouth and chin to be seen. Modern helmets are capable of 'dropping and shutting', or descending onto the neck seal of their armour and closing the jaw to make the helmet vacuum ready. Air recycling and supply is built into their pauldrons and back panels. 

Contrary to rumour, Dracograth cannot breathe fire; they don't need to when you consider their speed, reflexes, and unparalleled martial skill. One Dracograth has been recorded as taking down 29 well-armoured and equipped soldiers with relative ease. He didn’t kill the 30th because he chose not to

While Dracograth demonstrate a resilience and healing abilities much like the Kalshodar, none of the regenerative abilities of the latter have been attributed to them.