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What's in a Name?

As a break-through author, especially in the world of self-publishing and digital media, there is something you might notice as you scope out "the competition". Depending upon your genre and target readership your first impression may be one of feeling somewhat overwhelmed; good gosh there is an awful lot when you search, right?

Oh good, gosh-darned, honest-to-goodness, awfully overwhelming lot!

You know that your story, your ideas, your prose, characters, and concept are amazing. Of course you do, you wouldn't have been able to dedicate so much of your life to it if you did not; the initial draft, the worldbuilding, the character refinement, the editing, the website, and so forth. All that time, the literal blood, sweat and tears you shed in bringing an idea you had into the world.

You know it's amazing but how do you not only convince complete strangers of that fact but get them to part with their hard-earned money and buy it? How indeed...

Do me a favour, close your eyes and follow me....

Oh dear, that is not going to work is it? How can you continue to read...hmmm

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