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Mightier than Sword - A Short Story

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

Cassander and Dog-Tail Johnnie discover an abandoned Stymphalion assembly plant
Cassander and his associate, Dog-Tail Johnnie

[Next in our Ordinary People of The Empyraeum series, we have the story of how Cassander and Dog-Tail Johnnie met, as well as an insight into Cassander's motivations and background]

Terrible warrior I might be, but I knew the Code; leave no man (or women) behind.

“Over there, over there!”

“There are three of them, box them in!”

“Helfire take them, if they’re lucky.” This voice was deeper, booming and full of zeal, the voice of a leader. “Helfire take you if they get away”

We crouched under rotting wooden stairs hoping that the pouring rain and fog would help hide us better. We were all three soaked to the skin and shivering but in the waterproof satchel I could feel pressed against my back was the thing that made it all worthwhile. I tried to blend into the ancient wood and shadows, fought to control my ragged breathing and hammering heart, afraid that the cloaked and helmeted figures I could just about make out scrambling over the piles of broken refuse, wouldn’t take long to discover us. They’d stowed their shock-stocks because of the rain but that did not reassure me, The Choir – the Keepers - had other weapons than that. One wrong move and they’d hypno-dart us or, worse case, start tossing kòmos grenades about so’s we’d dance into their clutches, grins on pain on our faces as we did it. How could I have been so stupid?