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The Deep City - A Short Story

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Snoigri the dwarf and Razzle the goblin
Snoigri Cadalsson & Razzle the goblin in their forge and research space

[Continuing our Ordinary People of The Empyraeum series, we present to a part of the story of Snoigri Cadalsson and his 'research assistant', the goblin genius Razzle; a pair who were between them responsible for some of the greatest innovations and inventions of the modern Empyraeum. Oddly enough, neither got close to the amount of credit they deserved.]

The Deep City.

He saw the amazing machine that would kill him seconds before he saw his little hammer, rested on its metal skin, apparently waiting for him.

Tap! Tap! Tap! Gently does it, gently…. using the back of his heavy glove to wipe dust from goggles, the heavy mask and suit was making him sweat like a choì on heat and that in turn was fogging up his dratted googles from the inside too! C’mon now, Dathi, yeh can do this, ‘tis like diggin’ anywhere else!

The stone was very different here, he admitted, it was dry and quite brittle in places, though flinty and sharp in others. That many said Sèlene may once have been part of Gaia struck Dathi as possible, although the rock was much older than anything he’d delved back at home and, being more exposed to the kòsmos as it was, it was different too. T