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A Study in Quantum Uncertainty; The Mystery of The Jump Gates

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Record #JGVS-OOl-4S1-D Dr. A. Aïnstàn & Dr. N. Tesla Theoretical and Practical Physics Empyrean Central Library Entry

Alexandria. HA. 1864.

A Study in Quantum Uncertainty The Mystery of The Void Gates


Twenty years ago, in 1841 EA, the secret of the Void-Gate network was discovered and unlocked. We say 'unlocked' and 'secret' in tandem yet; we have not come close to determining precisely how the devices which open and maintain the Void-Gates actually function. We know that they function and have ideas at how transit is achieved. Dr. Aïnstàn theorised the idea of 'worm-holes' many years ago and was very keen to see one in actual operation. It is believed the Void-Gate Sentinels, as we have named the four devices around each 'Gate, serve multiple functions but we are uncertain as to how they carry out said functions. Our purpose, here, is to try and unravel the enigma of a millions-of-years-old technology which evades our every attempt to understand it.


Our studies will involve equal amounts of observed data, calculation and theory. We have data gathered from Harpy test flights; automatic probes and actual manned Ark transits. The navigational AI systems built into the latter have given us their opinions and data projections also. Although these systems are specialised and not general AI (see Record #KLAT-113-235-A for further information on these AI systems and AI classification) and their ability to reason is not developed, their specialised knowledge was very valuable.


We know that there are, essentially, three elements to a void-gate, the Sentinels, the actual portal it opens and which enables transit, and also the network itself which allows transit from one point in the galaxy to another. Let us take a look at each element in turn.

The Sentinels : In their active state the Sentinels 'anchor' each corner of the open portal, which is the shape of a compressed square. In their inactive state, they lock together or unite into a single body which resembles a metallic asteroid, of a rhomoid/cuboid shape. We believe this construction is for durability rather than function, to resist accidental collision with astral bodies. The Sentinels also have a protection similar to our reflex field technology. We have found no way, however to study these devices. Their shielding and protective covering resist all scanning attempts we have made; their surface is constructed of materials we have been unable to identify. Nowhere in the lunar templates database have designs - or greenprints as the dwarves call them - been discovered.

The Portal: When the Sentinels receive the correct signal and realise their active state, they will move into 'open' or active position. As the four elements of the Sentinel separate, they appear to 'pull' or deform the fabric of space-time between them, 'tearing' it and opening a portal, effectively the mouth to a wormhole. We have theorised that the quantity of energy required to do such a thing would be vast. Similar to the huge gravitonic deformations caused by a neutron star or, possibly a black hole. How the Sentinels generate this energy is unknown as we cannot locate details on their power source either. Once the portal is open, the active Sentinels maintain it so until transit is complete. If more than one vehicle wishes to complete transit, the 'Gate or portal Sentinel know this and remain open. The Sentinels will then return to inactive state, closing the portal as they unite once more.

The Network: This is the most complex part of the system, we feel, and the one we know the least about. As the Sentinels become active and open the portal, the transmitting vehicle's navigational AI system will communicate the requisite codes (the Sentinels will remain inactive in the absence of the correct 'handshake' codes) and open the destination 'Gate. There are, to the best of our knowledge, somewhere in the region of two thousand 'Gates scattered across our galaxy. If there are more beyond that, we have no knowledge of them. What we do know is that a tunnel or wormhole will either directly connect the two points, if they are close enough or set up a sequence of 'hops' between various Sentinel nodes if they are not. We do not know whether the tunnels or wormholes exist on their own or whether the Sentinels create them when the connection is made. There is either a complex network already in existence or it is in potential to be created. There is either an incredible complex system of 'tunnels' inter-connecting the two thousand of so Sentinel nodes throughout our galaxy (and perhaps beyond) or the Sentinels have some way of communicating across such vast distances almost instantaneously.

To date, no evidence pointing to use of the Void-Gate network by anyone other than the human race has been found. It is possible the system was abandoned following the cataclysmic 'fall' of the popularly named 'Lost Builder' civilisation, millions of years ago. Either that or they were, as the fantastical tales state, left for us to find, just as all material uncovered on the moon was. Travel and study of the system has yet to provide either contact or evidence of any other alien civilisation. No sign of any use of the 'Gate system except our own has been found. It is not expected by this study that such evidence will be forthcoming. It is our belief that there is no better or faster method of interstellar - or even intergalactic - travel than the Void-Gate network. If no evidence of use but by the human race has been found, then there are no technologically advanced races in existence that are capable of contacting or presenting a threat to us. Exploration has uncovered no other similar networks or systems of long-distance transit yet.

The science is sound in that there is no other way of achieving faster-than-light travel without stretching the laws of physics much further than is necessary. It is theoretically possible that some power-source, such as Kronos is said to have the potential to provide, could allow for spontaneous and Void-Gate independent faster than light (FTL) travel. If one could generate and efficiently deliver the right energy then the opening of portals/wormholes by actual ships may be possible. It would appear there is no way to reliably or safely obtain said material or study its viability. The same applies regarding the wild claims of The Pilot's College of materials we could obtain or mine within 'voidspace'. Materials they term 'hyper- exotic' materials and are said to exist nowhere else but have yet to show us samples of. We cannot base scientific study on un-proveable or fantastical data.

Let us take a moment to discuss the actual manner of- transit and postulate the possible cosmic mechanics involved, and return to actual provable and demonstrable science. This will involve equal amounts observed data, calculation and theory, as before mentioned. They will also involve data provided by Kalshodar Navigational AI systems testing carried out by the dwarves. The Pilot's College declined to comment or participate officially in this study but we did speak to a number of so-called 'rogues' in a private capacity. Let us compare the two competing theories.

Existing Network or Steady State Network.

This is the currently popular theory but is not one which the authors support. Espousing such a system would raise infinitely more questions than the competing theory does. However, by scientific protocol we are obliged to consider it.

This theory states that there is an 'area' or 'sub-fabric' of space, underneath (if such a facile term can be applied to a multidimensional structure) what we perceive as space-time. In effect there is a complex network of tunnels or wormholes filling this 'underneath' and. between the Sentinels and their Navigational AI, ships can find their way around this network and arrive at their destination. It has to be noted that members of the Pilot's College have been heard to say that this is fact, that a Pilot's unique 'machine-sight' (see article NAV-05-ATO-5-2315X "Cybernetic Evolution : The Man/Machine Symbiosis of Pilots" for further study) can perceive and navigate these twisting and bending ways, find the fastest and safest route and avoid dangers. Just what those dangers are said to be is harder to credit than the theory itself. A ship will enter this network through Portal A and navigate the network until it arrives in range of Portal B. which will open an exit for the ship to return to 'Realspace'.

This theory sounds fantastical and beggars the obvious question. How could such a network of 'tunnels' have been built in the first place? One would need access to this 'underspace' or 'Void' as members of the Pilot's College refer to it before one has access to a Void-Gate to enter said realm. As we know, there is no way that a ship can open its own Void-Gate. The technology could not fit into a ship and the sheer level of energy required would be staggering (more on theorised Sentinel power sources later). This theory is scientifically possible, of course but not feasible. Even the Dragon's Crown itself - for which the advanced fusion reactor short of Helios itself is being tested - will only produce 0.000215% of the requisite energy needed for such an operation. Holding such a portal open is another matter entirely. How a network of such complexity as would be needed for what we have so far observed could be constructed whilst such a portal is held open cannot be imagined. If the amount of energy required to open and maintain open a portal of such magnitude is incredible, that which would be needed to build and maintain the tunnel would, we theorise, involve more energy than currently exists in all the helikon in all the galaxies we are aware of - combined. It is a story and nothing more; it has no basis in scientific fact.

We know that 'voidspace' is a real phenomenon and a real environment, as the tunnels/wormholes pass through it and it is used to reduce travel times significantly. It is, therefore, clear that the laws of physics we have, to date, relied upon, have pieces missing. These notions are, however, facile and carry a whiff of the superstition we so long left behind upon them - it places the 'Lost Builders' into the role of some kind of benign gods who could bend and fold space at will, then left it all here for us to discover. We cannot enter this environment in order to study it and it is perhaps an environment not meant for life to enter. It is simply a medium, a conduit which serves its purpose as air does. We breath it, we can briefly travel upon it - as birds and insects do so also - but gravity will always, eventually oblige one to return to solid earth. The same applies to this 'underspace' we believe, one can - protected of course - pass through it but it is unwise to remain there. It would be as wise as bathing in molten magma, it has been said. One can pass by and through, well suited and protected by the best reflex fields but, once the power runs out, one had best make sure one is clear of it! The same applies here; pass though a hazardous and uninhabitable space as needed but no more. One could not live on the moon, as we have been, without the technology to give us air and protection from helikal radiation as well as the power to keep it all functioning. If the power were to fail, we would all be dead in rather short order!

It is, therefore, not only highly unlikely but, based on all evidence impossible that this theory is even close to fact.

On Demand System

This is considered the more logical hypothesis. Titanic amounts of energy, draining Helios of all his energy with a Dyson sphere and so on would not be required. The energy needed is still impossible for us to classify or replicate, however. It has, however, been possible to demonstrate on a very small scale in the dwarven labs and, also through matematikal study. Dr. Tesla's experiments on quantum entanglement with some of his colleagues from Earth and later information obtained from the Symposium in Kingston-Upon-Thames have helped much here.

In this model, Sentinel A, your entry point will open a 'Gate and your ship's navigational AI would inform the local monitor of your desired destination. Between them, they would plot a route and establish communication, by means yet unknown, with Sentinel. The portal would open there and a tunnel/wormhole would form between those two points. Either that or the wormhole would be formed and Sentinel B would not open a portal until you arrive. The latter theory is sounder as this would prevent intrusions into the system and. of course accidental transit. The latter, we have heard, is exceptionally dangerous. Unprotected transit through what the Pilot's College call Voidspace is usually considered terminal. There are forces present in voidspace, they say, which do not follow the regular laws or physics and, though they add fanciful tales of other 'energies' present within voidspace also. There may be energies and forms of matter we are unfamiliar with (dark matter, even antimatter or mirror matter have been postulated; among those the so called 'hyper-exotic matter') would require unshielded entry into voidspace and such a venture would require both an independently created portal and a level of unknown danger (could such a portal be closed again? What 'sort of radiation could a pilot or ship be exposed to?) .

Therefore, an activated Sentinel will generate both the portal and wormhole and then connect to the destination; like a rather large telèlègon

Dr. Tesla and his colleague Dr. Baughd recently demonstrated this principle by carrying particles from the same atom to different locations. A probe was launched to Arcos, a system 7 light years away carrying half; the other half remained on Earth. Changes affected on those particles on Earth were reflected almost immediately upon those sent to the Arcos system. This demonstrates that there is a way for, at least particles to communicate over great distances, much faster than we had previously deemed possible. We believe that the monitors somehow use a similar principle, on a much larger scale. Dr. Tesla calls it a system of quantum communication or, as the dwarves amusing name it 'quantum radio'. Perhaps the same principle which shortens transit time through the 'Gate network, also shortens communication time between the gates. Considerable study is still needed to determine the facts, of course.

Possible Power Sources

It is the consensus that the power source used by the Sentinels is beyond anything we are currently in possession of. What is not under consensus is just what that power source is. It is thought to be within the Sentinel elements themselves, or perhaps only one of them. These elements still remain inscrutable to our attempts at scanning them. We have three prevailing theories as to its nature at this time.

1. Highly advanced nuclear fusion or particle fusin reactor. Either using fusion as we do today or some more highly advanced particle interactions than those we are currently incapable of artificially producing. Something on a quantum level. Dr. Tesla theorises.

2. Dark matter or exotic matter. This would have to heavily contained and shielded. We have attempted to do this but we have yet to discover a method of shielding which does not use more energy than it produces. We have also had to abruptly abandon a number of locations where said experiments were conducted. Those locations are now the newest craters on the lunar surface.

3. The energies of voidspace itself. This returns to fanciful Pilot's College material. They claim this realm under our own universe is, in fact, a universe of itself complete with helions (or an amalgam thereof) as well as forms of energy and matter we are unfamiliar with. The Void-Gate network is, adherents of this theory state, a self-contained and self-sustaining system. This is why it remains in operation despite having been in existence for approximately 9 million years.

The authors of this study opine that the first option seems the most likely. The technology we recovered and studied on the moon indicate highly advanced systems of power (such as that which powers the moon base itself) and, as it widely known, application of these systems enabled humanity's rapid technological advancement. Our first attempts to replicate these systems gave us Steward Lupernikes' Arks. Further refinement is giving us the Kalshodar Cruisers and systems which are as close to perfection as we could arrive at are creating The Dragon's Crown. We have not reached perfection of refinement yet, we are far from that. We believe the Sentinels represent that deeper level of approaching perfection. They harness energy of uncertain origin, in an extremely efficient self-contained and self-sustaining fashion.

We theorise this to be a fusion reaction due to its apparent self-renewing nature. There is a possible predicament here. Even Helios and his stellar brethren, bodies which represent the most efficient of fusion reactors, have a projected lifetime. Though their reactions are mostly self-sustaining, fuel will run out one day in the far distant future. This system has been running for at least 9 million years. Could it be that it will also cease to do so one day, maybe soon? What then would we do for long distance travel? We are using a technology we are not even close to understanding and, should it cease to function one day what would happen if we have no idea how it even works, let alone how to repair or refuel it? We shudder to think what would happen to a vehicle in transmit were this to occur.

Recent theoretical study, combined with claims made by The Pilot's College and allusions drawn by the mysterious 'Her' - whom the dwarves appear to have great reverence and deep respect for yet we have yet to meet (an aristocratic dwarf lady related to The Carrig, most likely. We have yet to meet dwarven females also, this is perhaps a cultural thing) - have led us to believe that Kronos; Earth's second moon, may be key to answering these questions. For deeper information on this matter see Record #KRONX-065-8397-881-Y 'The Paradoxical Existence of Kronos' but, suffice it to say, our barely visible neighbour has been subject or great debate since we first turned eyes to the heavens. Kronos is rarely seen and always as no more than a shadow, a fleeting reflection. Observation and study indicate that Kronos is made exclusively of mirror or exotic matter (a material yet to be obtained and studied), dark matter, or a combination of all three. Data parsed from the controversial Gaia system on Earth have presented more questions than answers. Accounts of a 'dark rain' following a very close to pass-by from Kronos, or severe tidal effects caused by the same are many. However, these records are historical and very much Pre-Empyraen in origin so their reliability is in question. Contemporary accounts and recent study have done nothing to confirm these reports. A near Earth Kronos transit may, theoretically affect tidal activity if Kronos' mass is great enough, its gravity sufficient but we have yet to confirm this with modern data. We have not enough information on the phenomena of dark or exotic matter to calculate. The last close transit of Kronos we have record of took place six thousand years ago. A way must be found to perhaps predict when the next near Earth transit of Kronos may take place. The dwarves ate programming an AI to parse all Gaian records of Kronos in an attempt to achieve this.

In short, we need more information and find ways to develop our existing sources of power in order to either avoid the potential catastrophic failure of the 'Gate network or, at least find ways to discover what its power source is so we can maintain or repair it as needed.

Additional Study

There is, as we have said, much study remaining. If, as we theorise the machines have a power source which will eventually deplete, we must study ways to ensure that does not happen. The future of the Empyraeum will likely involve further expansion beyond the Earth. It will involve re- uniting the scattered colonists of the Arks. It will need the Void-Gate network. We cannot allow it to fail; we cannot simply take this system for granted and hope that it continues to work for as long as we need it to.

Let us approach this situation and review what we have discovered.

1. We know that the system. Like everything else that we found on the moon, works. We know it is more ancient than the human race itself and older even than life on Earth (the dwarves claim). We do not truly know how, it works. We feel that it is vital that we find out and investigate further until we do find out. We humbly request more resources and personnel to achieve this goal.

2. We theorise that the system interfaces with our navigational AI's in order to plot a course through 'underspace' or 'voidspace', opening the mouth of a stabilised worm hole at each end of transit cycle. We know this system allows our ships to cross vast distances in considerably less time than should be possible under the current laws of physics, seeing as light from our point of destination takes much longer to reach the same point. A journey of 15 light years takes a craft mere hours using a Void-Gate, if even that. It is not instantaneous travel but it is close enough not to really matter. It is what The Empyraeum needs to ensure its future stability and expansion.

3. Dr. Tesla's work, combined with Dr. Aïnstàn's matematika are constantly providing new insights and theories. Combined with the breath-taking work the dwarves are producing, light could be further shined on this mystery. Dr. Tesla's studies into the field of quantum could explain matters further.

4. Dwarven programming of an AI system to parse records on the Gaia system for references to near Earth Kronos transits are ongoing. Access issues to Gaia are delaying this study. Eventual close fly-by or actual landing on the surface of Kronos would be needed to study its viability as a power source or location to obtain materials needed to construct one Further stud) of the extent of the Void-Gate Sentinel network is needed. If 'Gates exist outside of our galaxy, it is essential that we find them. Perhaps even make contact with the cultures close to them, should they exist. Vital information could be thereby discovered. To date, no extragaeic life forms have been discovered or encountered.


The systems of Void-Gates are able, by whatever means, connect two points in space and allow a space vehicle to cover huge distances in, relatively speaking, the blink of an eye. This system is self-contained and its function self-sustaining. The very existence of the Void-Gates and that they provide a 'short-cut' between origin and destination prove both that 'underspace' or 'voidspace' are fact as well as that faster than light travel is possible. They raise deep philosophical and scientific questions we are, to date, only barely scratching the surface of Further study in this field may give us insight into Earth's second satellite of Kronos (which is made, it is theorised. of the same matter which powers the void-gate sentinels) and whether Kronos itself is related to the power source of the Sentinels. Replication of the technology behind Void-Gates is impossible for us to achieve without significant leaps in both our understanding and our technology.


1. Dr’s Aïnstàn and Tesla theorise and have scientifically proven that The Pilot's College is simply trying to maintain a fading hold on civilian spacial transportation. Navigational Al systems are much more efficient and more than adequate for Void-Gate travel. The Void-Gate system is an on-demand system controlled by powerful computers, meant for the Navigational AI's the recovered technology helped us to find. How the Sentinels and the computers controlling them communicate has yet to be determined but tachyons or other exotic particles are possible candidates. Dr. Tesla's quantum entanglement theories are also feasible.

2. Although it is theoretically possible to create portals and Void-Gates without the existing system, there is no data to confirm how this could be done or how the titanic level of energy required could be generated. A breakthrough in this avenue would remove any need for the Void-Gate network in the event that the Sentinel power source is, as theorised, finite and could one day deplete entirely with catastrophic results.

3. Kronos requires further study. Work should be directed into finding a way to land a party or automatic probes on the elusive moon's surface in order to study and obtain samples. Further experimentation and study is required to refine, field test and develop our power systems in order to increase both efficiency and output. Some dwarves have joked about 'jump-starting' the Sentinels if their power does indeed fail.

4 Develop an automated craft in order to study the effects of prolonged exposure to the 'underspace' or 'voidspace' transit. Although highly improbable, we are pressed and the veracity of claims made by The Pilot's College regarding alternate power sources within this environment needs to be investigated. We need to be able to find a way to send a craft in and leave it there for a while yet still maintain communication with it. We then need to see if it can be recovered afterward.

5. Gaia may contain data pertaining to Kronos and allow us to land there and study further, Gaia may also contain references or clues to the Void-Gates themselves or perhaps even their builders.

6. It is likely that we are the last heirs of the so-called 'Lost Builder' civilisation. Exploration and study of the Void-Gate system has yet to reveal the existence of alien cultures in the galaxy. Perhaps they exist outside our galaxy or perhaps not at all. The duty of uncovering answers is, for the time, ours and ours alone. There has, to date, been no evidence found of the Void-Gates having been used in a very long time.

In short, a great deal of further study is both recommended by this team and required. Nothing can be left to simple chance or luck. We recommended that power source research and attempts to access Kronos should take priority. We also recommend keeping all study based on observable and scientific fact, not leap to startling conclusions.

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