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A Study in Quantum Uncertainty; The Mystery of The Jump Gates

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Record #JGVS-OOl-4S1-D Dr. A. Aïnstàn & Dr. N. Tesla Theoretical and Practical Physics Empyrean Central Library Entry

Alexandria. HA. 1864.

A Study in Quantum Uncertainty The Mystery of The Void Gates


Twenty years ago, in 1841 EA, the secret of the Void-Gate network was discovered and unlocked. We say 'unlocked' and 'secret' in tandem yet; we have not come close to determining precisely how the devices which open and maintain the Void-Gates actually function. We know that they function and have ideas at how transit is achieved. Dr. Aïnstàn theorised the idea of 'worm-holes' many years ago and was very keen to see one in actual operation. It is believed the Void-Gate Sentinels, as we have named the four devices around each 'Gate, serve multiple functions but we are uncertain as to ho