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Videoblog Episode 8 - Abstract

We have come to the end of a Chapter, more specifically that of Worldbuilding. While we are sure there may well be more things we can talk about on the subject, we think this is just the right amount. It is time to close and summarise the Chapter as well as add a few newer insights.

Of course; a new Chapter is soon to come!

Quite an exciting Chapter it shall be too; the Empyraen Video-Enkyklopaedeia, no less! As many of you may well be aware, we are extending and developing this resource on the main webpage but, we thought, in today's world, a more interactive, multimedia version could not go amiss. We have been looking into new software, new methods, new skills, and new ideas for this next project and, we promise you, it will be shiny and excellent once we have it right!

Of course, one never ends anything, every artist knows that, every time you go to take a "final look" you find something that your constantly active mind thinks could be better, right? Right! Resist that urge as best as you can while ensuring your creative brilliance is allowed to shine through. Paradoxical? You're an artist, that's what you do best!

The rule of thumb is this; if it feels right, if you can see it, feel it, and if it can stand up on it's own and appear organic and independent of you, that's a good time to stop; let it walk hesitantly out into the world and make its first mistakes, just be there to guide it when it does.

Everyone seems to feel that we should not, in this highly competitive and glossy world, make mistakes of any kind; this is cach. The mistakes that we have made in the six years since we started are the reason that our content is so much better, our world more richly realised, the fine edge of our determination better honed. One cannot fix a problem until one is aware that there is a problem, see? It's all a question of how you handle it, right?

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