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Last of Baladolc's Privateers - A Short Story

Leggie Goblinsson
Goblin "Crime Boss" Leggie Goblinsson with two of his female guards

[The Last of Baladolc's Privateers; a short story inspired by a rather catchy song I have recently been enjoying "The Last of Barrett's Privateers". It may also have a section inspired by a certain old-school game known and "The Bard's Tale".]

The Last of Boladolc’s Privateers

“C’mon o’er ‘ere why dancha! C’mon now, I’s won’ts bites!” The brightly dressed goblin, somewhat floppy hat perched on his shaven scalp, gestured enthusiastically from behind a rather small, though enthusiastically decorated stage, around which he wheeled himself. “Unless yers wants me to o’course!”

On reflection, I think he should have left the laughter out of his presentation because it was quite the unpleasant sound, something between toilet pipes backing up and a cat trying to expectorate a hairball. In this dreary part of the lower caverns of Sèlene on a quiet Thursday, his effort was worthy of noting with respect though, he wasn’t even drunk. He continued his capering, adrenaline-filled escapades for a good few minutes, drawing quite a few curious glances from passers-by, on their way to shop for or scrounge what they could but not much else. Once his until then invisible companions started up on bodhran and feadòg, a hearty thump accompanied by shrill peeps, heads turned more quickly on neck,

“Oh, it was the year 2478” he began, voice loud and lusty.
“I wish I was in Shâr Barûk now” responded the musicians, their