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The Collections Reborn!

Empyraeum : Genesis

It is actually rather hard to believe that I started writing some elements of what become the Empyraeum Collections Thirty Years ago! Thirty years ago and gawky teenager sat at school in Gibraltar to type out the very earliest drafts, he filled cheap exercise books with his immature scrawlings. He started some interesting ideas even back then, ideas and characters who survived into the current story of the Empyraeum Cycle. He came up with Kalshodar and their unique form of semi-apotheosis, their ascent towards post-humanity. He sketched out a Dracograth which influenced today's artworks very much. He wrote short stories about Neshaa, Kalliades, and Lupernikes.

he was crushed to learn just how similar his emerging universe was to a very popular table top gaming system which became massive in the these intervening years.

Later, he started to come up with ideas about Gabriel, Sham, and Unity. His own life experiences caused him to ponder the questions that set him on the path to attempting to write Trinity but that was not to be either. He tried, into his mid to late 20's but something was missing, the dots would not connect.