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One Giant Leap for a goblin

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Iouri Da'Goblin as he becomes the first "man" in Space

This coming story has a moral to it but, perhaps, not the one you would expect. I was speaking to a somewhat popular and well-known writer and editor friend of mine today because I had been bothered by a bit of a dilemma.

Those of you that pay attention will know that the Empyraeum has its own calender, in a manner of speaking, in that the year EA1 fell on what we would consider 298 B.C or 298 B.C.E of the Gregorian Calendar, making our current year, 2021 A.D/C.E EA1743. I had come up with a great timeline and history but then, in existential horror, realised I may have miscalculated. I had the famous Arks leave Earth in the year EA2000 or 1702 A.D and had the first space flight take place in EA1744 or 1446 A.D...I was worried that this would seem infeasible. My friend told me;

If that's what your universe requires, I say go for it - you don't need permission to alter history in your fiction

He's right, we do not need permission, we simply need to write it and explain it well. We need to justify why, not to anyone else, but to our universe and to the story. if the story requires it then the story shall have it!

Remember well Laurie's advice because he really knows what he's talking about!

Below is the result of that justifying my instinct, please enjoy;