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As AE2599 Ends, a message

The Hegèmon's Surprise Address Upon the Lighting of the Yule Tree

AE2599-AE2600; The Temple of The Dragon (rebuilt), Alexandria Wastes


As your Hegèmon, I look on the upcoming Rites of Passage for AE2599 with an especial importance, not only because we are entering a new aeon. This year has, for all Empyraen Citizens, as well as out neighbours - of both the Federated People's Nations, of the noble Ippon Empire, the far-sighted of the Land of Dream, our silent Aztomek brothers and sisters, the stargazers of the Maradaran jungles - been one of much difficulty and challenge.

War, sickness, hardship, the death of so many loved ones. I cannot express deeply enough how my heart breaks for each and every one of you. I have failed to protect you as I swore I would. I have let you, my people, down quite seriously. I am sorry.

I promised you an end to war. I was wrong. Gaia has suffered wars I failed to foresee. You have suffered the iron hand of a monster while I was absent for so long. So many of the dead sent down to Hades in those long years will never have a marker, had no coins placed under their tongue as is their right. I have brought war to your door and, I fear, was followed upon my unexpectedly pilgrimage by those who will bring yet more war.

Though we enter a new era, and burn all of our hurts here in the ruins of what was once the greatest city on all Gaia, leave behind in its ashes our shattered hopes, I am afraid I must ask more from all citizens of our Empyraeum.

Of you all, from the smallest to the greatest, I first ask forgiveness.