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Flame Undying - Sample

The warriors of Nemesis Company, the Sons of Nemesis, died by flame and were, after a fashion, reborn of it

Here we present you with a sample from the upcoming #Empyraeum novel Flame Undying , book one of the #EmpyraeumCycle, currently in production.

This scene is from the prologue and is written in 1st person despite the rest of book being written in 3rd person. I feel the intensity of Acora's experience and rebirth needs the immediacy only 1st person, in this case, can give.

This is the rough, unpolished draft, changes will likely occur in the time between now and Flame Undying being completed.

Please enjoy and leave a comment.


Hrrrrk-click. Hrrrrk-click. Hrrrkk-krr-click

Consciousness? Thought is, at first foggy. Slow. Disconnected. Just that sound, repeating every few seconds. Hrrrrkk-click. Like some kind of clock or...heartbeat maybe...hrrrk-k-kkh-click. It is not always regular. Darkness here, a grainy, grey, underground kind of darkness maybe. I am not sure whet