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Empyraeum Videos Now Live!

The Empyraeum YouTube Channel is now live and we aim to present regularly a new series of background and writing skills videos!

We decided to divide our video blog entries into chapters, as if they were a book and the first chapter will be on Worldbuilding, something we consider essential to both the writer;'s art and the success of both your book and your own writing career. When you build an immersive, consistent, and fully-realised world, you open up a wealth of experiences to your readers and give them opportunities to truly feel like they are somewhere else.

For The Empyraeum Cycle, a world whose history seperated from our around 3,000 years ago, it highlights and draws our audience's attention to those differences, especially when it comes to the language which evolved in the Empyraeum, ESG or Easy-G which evolved from 6 million people, from 250 nations, trying to ask one another where the latrines were and what was for dinner that night.

Notice that the Empyraeum's image is now fully consistent and realised. This, too, is important as a writer in these online times. Be bold, be consistent, be different, be what you want readers and fans to love; stand out!

More episodes to come...

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