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Empyraeum Art Showcase

Just a small sniff, a nibble of the rat's tail, sort of thing.

When I was approached, in the quiet of me studio, among me paints, me pigments, brushes and assorted panapoly of me painter's art, and presented with this thinking box, I admit that I would have scratched me head in consternation had that not meant removing my fine and perfectly serviceable beret, which I does not do, even when sleeping. Yon'd have more luck asking me to be a-shaving off this shiny example of moustachiness what I is sporting on mine lip first!

At first I admit, seemed odd to be painting on a screen when yon'd have to just wash it off afterwards. T'was then young Ferdy, who is a shiny dwarf with a beard I would love to possess, explained of to me the workings of yon box of wonders, demostrating of to me the finer mechanisms thereof. I confess to being subjected to much wonderment and thoughts of a nature that, if this wee silky-bearded fella can do it, how could I not?

Me first efforts were, I'm as honest a goblin as a rat is a rat, not of an altogether satisfactory nature but, fer purposes of getting it out there - as the bat said unto the other bat - it served to be shiny right enough. Affer a bit, I found the hang of it and was producing as quality, if no better, than I had wi' brush an' canvas. Ah weel, I found there were wee tricky-poos I could be doing what were impossible on me old fashion o' things in fact!

T'was then that me art began to flow out of me faster than shite out of a rat who'd et a bowl a manky rice. Me fellows had tolden me they'd been a-looking, a-shouting, and a-bawlin' for mine attention and received nary a word in reply from me good self at all. T'were as if I were in a trance to me muses and drew inside o' the magical box o' artistry!

Me first thought were this; I's making a representation of an army, o' a force and if armies have anything, it is consistency, right? You can tell a rat's a rat even if you can