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The Idea of a World Hegemony

It seemed almost natural for the state that Alexander creates in the universe I helped bring to the public eye be called The Hegemony and that he be the Hegémon, not Emperor. The thing is, it has attracted a little more controversy that I had anticipated. You see, it seems that I didn't do all my research. It also appears that the word "Hegemony" has some controversial and 'anti-American' undertones in today's world. One, of course, knows that the words 'socialist' or 'communist' in America are synonyms for for evil...the idea of equality, I think. Odd things is, as you'll see, that's just where the idea came from. It's changed since then...

So, what is a Hegemony? Well, there are four types, according to most sources I could find;

  1. Cultural; when the culture of the dominant society will influence and become the norm, influencing the development of all societies it is in contact with. Funnily enough, the modern example of this is The United States (more later)!

  2. Political, like Alexander's father, Philip II instituted in ancient Greece and the European Union is aiming for today. A unity of political control and legislature across culturally disparate member nations. Many Europeans will remember the almost comedic conflicts this 'standarisation' led to in the 90's.

  3. Economic, Again the EU is the prime example today. With the introduction of the Euro, the new central European currency, all the member-states of Europe replaced their national currency. They then became economically reliant on Brussels, the European "Capital"

  4. Social, through broadcast and, increasing now, online media. In the USA many will know that it is impossible these days to get news which is not biased in one direction or the other. You have channels such as Fox which skew very much to the Right; CNN and MSBC who skew stories much more to the Left. Who gives you unbiased and honest news? It's amazing how successful Reuters and the BBC have become in America... European sources for American news! But are they truly unbiase