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An 'Interview' with Skander Draco

Face covered in his signature hoodie

My name is Doctor Margelise Machado Reyes and I have been a practitioner of psychiatry here in Santo Domingo for the last fifteen years. I have, for the last seven of those, practised exlusively with clients from other countries in order to, shall we say, ensure a more steady supply of work. Americans have such interesting problems in their minds! However the client of whom I wish to speak is not an American, although I initially thought that he was. To be honest I was never sure about just where he was from and he never told me. I made the very amateur error of assumption. I treated this client, Mr. Skander Draco for close to four years, on and off. We never had what I would call regular sessions; sometimes once a week, once a fortnight or even once a month, at times more than that. Sometimes he would just sit there for the duration, not talking but seeming relaxed and at peace in my company, other times he would talk about his regular doings or what he had been up to in the intervening span of time. Other times he would really open up and tell me some very surprising things. I will attach a transcript of our last session here. I would sometimes record our sessions, when he would agree to that, which was not always. This time he agreed but he seemed to be deeply, deeply troubled.

Mr. Draco was a man of some 32 years of age when he died. I was deeply shocked by his murder and have, of course, cooperated fully with the police in their investigations. As I said, he seemed qui