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Khalos "Korax" Aldomir joined the army of Phillip II, Alexander's father, after the Battle of Chaeronea, Alexander's first command. Following Phillips' earlier easy defeat of Kersebleptes, many Thracians continued to fight for his enemies as mercenaries.

So impressed were the Thracians by Alexander's inspired leadership and decisive rout of the Theban Sacred Band - until then considered unbeatable - that they laid their swords at his feet there and then. Korax was attached to Alexander's household guard and so it was natural that he and his brothers followed the Macedonian king to Persia years later.

It is thought that Korax picked up his nickname due to his rather prominent and much broken nose which looks - Kalliades will aver - very much like a crow's beak.

Already close to seven feet tall before entering the mountain, Korax is probably the tallest thing on two legs now, reaching just over ten feet in height. He is the only Dracograth said to make their signature "Spear" look small. Even his original romphaia, the famous Thracian two-handed sword is too large for most humans to wield.

Korax thinks himself witty with a sense of humour as dry as the proverbial crow's throat. It is rumoured that it was, in fact, Lupernikes, in typical laconic fashion, who first said that he was, in fact, "as dry as a crow's arse"; or tiresome and annoying and about as welcome as an unexpected 'gift' from the sky.

Few would imagine that Korax himself treasures the monikers of 'dry arse crow' and Korae (or 'little crow', another of Lupernikes laconic gems) that his friends have endowed him with

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