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It is impossible not to like Alkemas Neshaa; he is one of those rare, genuinely pleasant people. He will ask about your day because he is interested and he will listen to your reply, he may even ask you questions.

He was raised in rural Anatolia as a Zoroastrian and doing good deeds became both second nature and the primary pleasure of his life. He is also certain that our smallest actions have an effect on the balance of the universe and, as a result, we must consider with care.

It could be said that the now eponymous duo of Kel and Kel - Kalliades and Neshaa - are chalk and cheese, oil and water but Neshaa laughs at such assertions. Neshaa laughs an awful lot, something which might surprise those that don't know him very well.

Neshaa once saw the opportunity to cheek a dragon and took it with both hands, sharing a Zoroastrian proverb with her. She loved both it and him immediately.

This also explains his decision to be a soldier and why he was good enough at it to be chosen as Dracograth; Neshaa does not believe in living vicariously. You get one life by the grace of Ahura Mazda and, by god you had best make the most of it!

Ultimately, it was he that saw the shape of the dragon's plan and saw it as a reward for his choices; to make peace and, ultimately, defend mankind from all threats.

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