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The EW-04 Uranos Ion Rifle is the standard armament of the Empyraen Army Hoplite.

The Uranos was actually quite cheap and simple to manufacture which is why is so prevalent. It is an offshoot of the technology used to power star ships and the manufacturing processes were already in place, they simply had to be reduced. In fact, Kalshodar cruisers carry a pair of Uranos cannons that were created initially as a safety valve of sorts, to bleed charged mercury particles from engine spaces. Once it was realised that these particles move close to the speed of light, could superheat surfaces almost instantaneously, and disrupt electrical systems, their potential as weapons was obvious. First the giant  Kalshodar cruiser cannons, then the rifles, and finally the standard pistol version were quickly developed and implemented. Quick, clean, stable, and effective as well as cheap to make; perfect for an army. 

Some Hoplites gave the Uranos the somewhat amusing moniker of the "splatter gun" due to the fact that, at close range, the superheating effect of the particle beam can cause the target's bodily fluids to either expand or flash to vapour and...well...escape explosively.

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