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Unity is a Trinity of indeterminate origin and age. She gives her full name as Hunwyf ach Diwedd in the Old Language of Brytton, or Unity in Standard but Sham has, so far, been able to find any traces of that name or the family she claims heritage from.

She is thought to be a very old Trinity indeed but Sham is not so sure that is all she is.

She appeared out of nowhere the night Gabriel rescued her from assault in Lùndùn. She later used what Sham called a very unorthodox manner of awakening him. Once Gabriel was awakened, they were almost immediately pursued by the Council and were hidden by Sham when their escape brought them to India. How and why they ended up in India, Gabriel does not remember and Unity never said.

Now, make no mistake, Sham adores Unity, loves her as a daughter but he is, if he is honest, a little frightened of her. Not that she is dangerous but, just something he cannot give a name to.

Unity was, according to the prophecies, destined to usher in a time of everlasting peace following The Fall but it was not to last. The Union Wars were all but won and peace was on the brink of arriving but, while Gabriel was on a vital mission elsewhere, Unity was murdered by an assassin’s bullet as witnessed by Sham.

​Then Apatèon chose to reveal the troops he had held back. It was clear that he had set up a trap, just to draw them in.

Gabriel never forgave himself for not being there to save the woman he loved and Sham will rarely speak of it. He actively avoids the subject and becomes angry when it is raised, in fact.

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