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The EAW-163 Telemachus is powerful weapon for infantry. An assault rifle built on the same chassis as the Gorgos; it has all the same advantages and deadliness. 

What the Gorgos has in sheer bellicosity, the Telemachus has in sheer power; it is a support weapon, primarily in an anti-armour capacity although it is quite effective against un-armoured targets.

Can be used in both 'burst' or 'bolt' mode or a 'sustained' manner. In the former, it is more of a phased plasma weapon than a laser, in the latter; it is all about the deadliness of light itself. Built to be effective across a staggering range, standard army dogma classes as a 'stand back and blast' weapon but someone, suspected to be Gaia Regiment Hoplite "Crazy" Kyoki, invented the 'charge and burn' strategy which effectively involves setting the Telemachus on full beam sustain and running in, cutting apart anything that gets in your way for the brief spell of time you have before the power cell is drained. 

It has been reported to be both an highly effective and dangerous tactic and, obviously, not just dangerous for the wielder and enemy but those that haven't learned to give such lunatics room yet. 

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