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Like the mythical birds fought by Herakles, the Stymphalion gunship and bomber is  a sleek, and somewhat beautiful death from the skies. 

With twin Hellion EDX-3 fusion engines for speed and brute strength, it is heavily armoured but with enough power to compensate. Surprisingly agile , the variable ducts built into various parts of the airframe allow for quick changes of direction, as well as the kind of manouevers that would drop an unsuited pilot into unconsciousness rather quickly.

Of course, both the pilot and gunner wear full pressure suits and respiration gear because the Stymphalion operates in both atmosphere and void combat.

It is also very heavily armed. It has a pair of twin Uranos ion turrets on its turtle-shelled back, under slung axial Scythia-2 kinetic cannons, a trio of Chimaera fusion carbines under each wing, and the new Telemachus laser cannon on each wingtip. It also carries a cargo of Prometheus fusion bombs in the hold, ready to gift Greek Fire to its enemies.

Stymphalion pilots tend to be - to quote their colleagues - evil bastards who love watching things burn. They revel in their near-invulnerability and unparalleled ability to cause chaos below them.

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