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Pericles "Percy" Soong was born into a wealthy family in the city of Suwon, in the Gyeonggi region of Southwest Manchuria.

While Soong was in his early teens, Manchuria and Greater Xin declared for the Union and ceded from the "dead and bloated body" of the Empyraeum. As the first son of a respected family, military service was unavoidable though he was raised to lieutenant immediately after completing basic training. It was unthinkable for someone of his background to get dirty with the grunts. 

He served his country proudly and promulgated what he was sure was the truth of the Union with much enthusiasm. He fought and killed what he was certain were terrorists. He took prisoners and handed them over to the Keepers. As the consolidation campaigns ended and his unit settled into more of a policing role he faced that terrible dilemma many soldiers have come up against through the years; he started to wonder about the wisdom of some of the orders he was receiving. He started to question the motivations of those issuing those orders. As a good soldier does, he forced himself not to question. As an intelligent and moral man, he found this task to be a difficult one.

One day his patrol ran right into what people were already starting to call 'Kyoki Specials' and Soong was the only survivor, though he was badly injured. His leg was saved but it was decided that some time away from active duty would allow him to better heal.

As a guard captain in the now notorious Keeper Prison called Dodaeche, Soong found that he was no longer considering doubts, he was entertaining them. What he saw in Dodaeche was not what he had been taught an honourable soldier did. He was ordered to torture old men, women, and lads barely out of their teens. When a 'friend' among the guards invited him to join a rape gang, he decided he had to leave, taking the intended target of said assault with him.

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