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Log Entry: Factions of the Empyraeum

(Please be aware that the static/interference at the beginning is intentional and took a long time to get right)

The new chapter is here! A lot of sweat has been shed, a lot of blood cleaned up, a lot of uisge has been drunk, but it is here; The Enkyklopaedeia Empyraeum, or Encyclopedia for you new-fashioned lot.

If any of your had the slightest of ideas how much effort, cursing, threatening, sleepless nights, tears and drinking it took to get those old database systems to both connect and behave...our friend Savvy went through six laptops since the last count, the last of those learning that aerodynamic as it was, flight was not its destiny afterall.

We have, in spite of the many barriers set in our path, achieved it. It required some significant innovation on our part and resulted in a few changes to our format but we think that you will like the result.

We decided, for one, that the content itself is more important that the narrator. As much of a superstar, international man of YouTube mystery and glamour that Alan may (in his mind) have become with his video stardom (again, in his mind), this is a group effort.

Of course, you may follow along through the physical copy of the Enkyklopaedeia here. We also recommend reading the Factions blog entry for more information on the different elements active in Empyraen space and their motivations.

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