When The Dragon's Crown was found, it was discovered to be a treasure trove of updated armour and weapons, carrying new armour for all of Alexander's companions. Brand new armour, specifically designed for them. 

They also were presented with a master crafted, handmade pistol made for their hand and each of them completely unique; designed for the temperament of their user. Dracograth especially eschew most raged weapons and do not use Kalshodar favourite Manticora as they are guards, not soldiers, with a big edged weapon or several and the speed to get to most enemies before they can even get the safety off.

A sidearm, though, that's acceptable....just in case there are a few too many of them and, you know, a squad mate needs a hand...

Big Korae was given a Hand Cannon; an oversized, twin-barrelled slab of bellicose intent, just like the man himself. It is a powerful weapon based on the same principles of Manticora weapons and, like them, it will launch crystalline darts of dense and exotic metals at great speed. The hand cannon carries larger coils and an improved delivery mechanism so it fires from both barrels at twice the speed of a Manticora. It can also be programmed to alter the composition of the projectiles and even customise the load for each barrel. 

Kalliades has his Twin-Shot, a highly versatile and adaptable weapon with a certain degree of classical style. This pistol is built on the same principles as the Argus shotgun and can use all of its load outs but he prefers the 'airburst specials', fragmentation bullets or self-propelled miniature grenades containing thousands of Argus micro-eyelet discs which, in turn, fragment on contact. He also has some new fusion and komos fragmentary rounds. This weapon is a room clearer and lets him get in behind with both swords out.

Neshaa's Fusion Pistol is something of a mystery, based on the technology behind the Chimaera yet without the inherent dangers, it is rumoured to be of possibly direct Ancient origin. It produces a stream of ionised fusion fire which can turn most targets into hot steam. It is useful for one who dislikes getting blood on his armour, or spilling it at all if at all avoidable. Also steam and smoke travel straight to heaven, apparently.

An even greater mystery is Alexander's AM Pistol, the only example of AMP or Anti-matter Projection technology currently in existence. It will generate and fire a controlled stream of anti-matter sheathed in a magnetic field at the target. Once the beam strikes, the magnetic field collapses and any matter in the way is annihilated. A devastating little weapon of master crafted finery which ignores all forms of armour because matter is simply matter.

Lupernikes Man-Stopper is a cunningly made device of pure martial power; it is also a melding of several technologies turned into something new and unexpected in quite the understated fashion, very much like its owner. A miniature centrifugal acceleration chamber is built around a standard fusion cell, exciting the particles involved in the make-up of something which, at least, resembles a standard Manticora dart. But if you add this particle excitation and involvement of fusion energy, together with a touch of mithril into the projectile mix and inject it into a special man-stopper kinetic bullet and you have what is looks just like a large bullet. Only this bullet contains volatile plasma superfluid held within a magnetic field, something which makes it more of a miniature bomb as the magnetic field collapses on impact. If the impact doesn't kill you, the superfluid flashing to gas will.

The Standard and favourite side-arm of soldier and officer alike is the Uranos Pistol or 'pop gun' which does everything its big brother does only on a smaller scale. Favoured all army personnel for its reliability, easy maintenance, and use of standard Empyraen power cells; it's the reliable little last resort in a tight corner.