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The Uranos EIP (Empyraen Infantry Pistol) is a lightweigth and compact version of the Uranos EIR, much favoured by everyone from hoplite grunts to Kalshodar. 

For its size, it packs a massive punch with minimal drain of its energy cells and is a soldier's best friend in a tight corner. 

Nicknamed the "Pop-Gun" in mockery of its small and ineffective appearance many say that the technology and innovations made to miniaturise Uranos components actually resulted in a more powerful fire-arm. Pop-guns are the perfect headshot weapon, as the saying goes "one shot, no head!" and have a range at lest equal to their cousin the EIR. 

Its compact size and fact its easy to customise and "overcook", makes it the favoured weapon of assassins and clandestine kilers, although the shrieking sound of overheated air produced when fired will give the alert and the agile a second or two to dodge the beam of killing heat. 

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