The Panàstas or "Those Who Stand Together" fought what was then known as The Council in what became the First Union War. Back then, they were professional soldiers, remnents of Empyraen and local security forces, out-system free thinkers and, of course, idealists who believed in the destiny of Unity herself, to lead them to a utopia. They fought The Council to a standstill and thought they had won a major battle when Apàteon powered down his defenses and asked for paizo. Of course, with hindsight, it is easy to say that they should have foreseen what happened next but, in the enthousiasmos of the moment, in the hope and heat of Nike's favour, one can be complascent. 

While Gabriel led a small force to the Antarctic to disable the surface-orbital laser batteries that were more than decimating the Pan armada, Sham and Unity boarded the Iron Will, Apàteon's flagship, together with a small honour guard. Sham barely  got off the Iron Will alive in a stolen shuttle. The guards were killed and of Unity there was no sign. According to Sham, she had been murdered by a sniper's bullet and the guards had paid for Sham's escape with their lives. 

Once the war was thus won, Apàteon began to consolidate his power, turning The Council into the Union, he built his forces to crush any remaining Panàstas resistance on Gaia. He knew nothing of the subterranean base on the Moon, no-one did. It has been said that Apàteon will not step foot on her surface, that he has a religious phobia of our sattellite. The dwarves too, dug deeper beneath the Mountain and did everything to prevent Her from being discovered. 

Then, twenty years ago, a small group of well-trained guerrilla soldiers began to strike at Union prisons and other installations. They were like smoke; they appeared, they destroyed, they left the flavour of their presence but were impossibe for the Union to grasp. They wore the Pan insignia on their patchwork uniforms. 

The time of waiting and of hiding was over. Sgt. Gwydion, the epibatoi commander of the Moon Base, contacted the dwarves and began the long-planned Operation Dolos. Dwarf captured asteroid ore mining craft began to make unscheduled stops at the moon, carrying epibatoihoplites, armour, and weapons down to the surface. With minimal resistance, they seized and fortified The Dragon's Nest, the formally secret Kalshodar base under Lùndùn, in Bryttan. The mission to recruit and gather surviving Pans began in earnest, with the unexpected assistance of a company and a half of Kalshodar from the Mountain; Kalshodar who had trained with the dwarves and knew their machines well. Together, they turned the long-abandoned Nest into a fortress. Accounts vary but it was either Gwydion himself, or the enigmatic psyber Paxxi who renamed the Nest, calling it Annwyn, the Underworld. 

Soon, Gwydion and his very capable second, Commander Pericles "Percy" Soong, a former Union soldier, were becoming a major thorn in Apàteon's foot. The two soldiers lead jointly, together with the woman known as Kat, who Soong rescued from the very jail he defected from. He claims that the reborn Panàstas was her idea, sher even had the old-style insignia stiched to her tattered mantle.