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Kalshodar are built to fight on the ground or, if necessary, in space. They do need to get to where the fight is and they need to often travel long distances and do so quickly. 

Although one thousand Kalshodar remained behind when the long journey began and swapped their swords for tools, most are pure warriors, lacking the fine dexterity and patience for maintenance and mechanical work. 

As previously mentioned, they are blunt instruments, not tacticians, planners, or political thinkers. One or two obvious exceptions exist of course but, for the most part, they need people dedicated and trained for these crafts. 

Their cruisers have captains, navigators, gunners, pilots, engineers, labourers, biologists, caterers, politicians, and teachers. Each cruiser, in their long exile, became a community, a self contained world in miniature. Factories for essential items, luxury items, food and drink, supplies for soldiery and civilian alike were needed, forms of entertainment for even the Kalshodar, communications...the list is endless and, for each task, someone is needed to perform it. 

The Kalshodar freely admit that were it not for their Navy colleagues, their cruisers would have fallen into some sun long ago!

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