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The epibatoi "little growler" or Manticorix Compact Linear Acceleration Rifle (C-LAR) is a stripped down and compact version its Kalshodar cousin. This version is reduced to the size a large and somewhat bulky pistol that can be held in a leg holster.

The Manticorix is actually a little more versatile than the Manticora as it has been specifically adapted to fit the role of the epibatoi. It still fires crystalline metallic darts at prodigious speed and unparalleled deadliness but has been adapted to take other ammunition more suited to the often volatile and fragile environment of a spacecraft interior. 

Foremost among these is the superlative invention of the now-infamous kòmos rounds. To all intents and purposes, the kòmos round looks like a normal bullet but it has a compact electromagnetic generator at its core. When the bullet impacts, the thin metal jacket will be perforated by a sharp needle head of the kòmos payload which will proceed to deliver 70,000 volts into the target, causing them to "dance the kòmos" in overloaded frenzy. Any armour or suit systems will be disabled and the target is usually rendered unconscious by the time the epibatoi's laughter subsides. 

The Manticorix also features an under slung grenade launcher for anything from smoke, flash, or haywire (essentially a kòmos grenade containing 20 kòmos needles) ammunition. 

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