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Though all Kalshodar started out their warrior lives with swords and spears not one will leave for battle without his trusty "growler" or Manticora Linear Acceleration Rifle (EW-LAR). So called because of the signature growl-bark sound it makes when charging and firing.

The Manticora is simply one long magnetic tube which accelerates a bolt or dart of crystallised exotic metals to twice the speed of sound by the time it exits the barrel (hence the 'bark' of sonic overpressure). It continues to accelerate on the way to its target and will hit so hard that it shatters into deadly fragments on penetration. The Manticora is the only known weapon that could slow down a charging Dracograth and it will make paste of anything smaller and less well protected.

With a firing rate on one shot per three seconds, it is not a true suppression weapon but Kalshodar squads drill hard to stagger fire according to the habits of their squad mates. Well prepared, a squad of ten Kalshodar can lay down such a hail storm that not even an army could get past them.

Designed for long missions, the knurled 'magazine' grip forward of the fusion cell carries enough material to manufacture 100,000 projectiles. Kalshodar have long ago learned to 'hot-swap' fusion cells from their backpacks when a sustained barrage is needed.

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