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Kerys goes by the name of Kerys, nobody seems to know and no-one seems to think about asking her last name. She has a mild Skotian accent and that's all they know. 

She has been the Chief Engineer of the Sèabach Class Freighter Belmorrah for several years and part of a well established crew attached to the Seeker Gabriel. She kept the Belmorrah, a cantankerous misunderstood grand old lady, in working order in spite of ample evidence that this should not have been possible. 

Kerys is what Byrttons call a 'bygy-wygy' (or bigywig) or cheeky bugger. She always has that impish grin and trouble-making sparkle in her eyes. She's never malicious, though, just an extremely happy and fun-loving person who likes intelligent humour and people. 

Some people say this is because Kerys is short and not conventionally attractive but those people are Kristof and the ex-soldier is not known for his joined-up thinking; Kerys' jokes often go right over his head. He is quite often the butt of them too, especially when he says things like that. Kerys has rejected his regular and clumsy advances not because he is unattractive or it might complicate shipboard relations, she rejects him because he is not her type; men in general are not her type unless they're really special. 

Gabriel knows this but keeps it quiet because that's Kerys' business, not his. 

Kerys started acting strangely once The Crown, with Belmorrah in her hold, returned to home space. She 'borrowed' a shuttle and disappeared. Logs show that she received a message from the surface but the message itself is encrypted like nothing we have seen before, the only plaintext element being the word 'Sioch'. 

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