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Keeper Support and Vehicles

The Penitent Order of the Knights of Union and Keepers of The Way, better known as simply Keepers or The Choir, are both the police force of the Union and preachers for Apatèon’s corrupted Way of the Kristoman; a violent and terrible religion which has little or nothing to do with the Judaman carpenter and preacher who died in Alexander's arms in Jerusalem. 

They wear a badge displaying His abused body transfixed upon an Ancient Hebrew knife to demonstrate both their faith to him and dedication to cleansing the Earth entire of his murderers, the entire Judaman race. 

Keepers are brutal and cruel officers of the law and crueller preachers, they will beat man, woman, or child to insensibility with their shock batons just for an ill considered look. The Choir famously do not kill if they can avoid it; they are great believers in the terrible weight of sin and are keen to help anyone suffering that burden to become free of it.


Thankfully there is no shortage of sins to choose from; from heresy and sedition at the top, to things such as looking a little like a Judaman, insufficient modesty of behaviour (especially for women), showing insufficient respect to one of their number, or giving an object a name that does not simply define its function, especially if that name comes from some heathen superstition.

They have prisons nobody ever leaves in the most inhospitable corners of the Union; kept far away from centres of population for a number of reasons. Escape is unlikely and, if it happens, recapture and correction is more likely. Hope is a stubborn enemy and, such things as visitation and pleasant surroundings do tend to encourage its insidious presence. hopelessness does steel a sinful soul much better. 

Also, the screams, which rarely stop, used to unsettle good and faithful people who lived nearby. Now only the Keepers and the wind get to hear them. 

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