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Epibatoi Impact Armour is probably the best protection an unmodified human can wear. It is lightweight and incredibly tough and versatile thanks to its sandwich design; ablative alloys and flexible fibro plastics on top, liquid mithril in between, tough thermoplastics under that,  and a rigid suit of lightweight amour mesh last of all. Everything is worn over a liquid cooled/heated environmental under-suit because an epibatoi can be exposed to extreme heat and cold during their course of their duties. It might look and sound bulky but anyone who has seen Sergeant Gwydion knife-fight will see that for the lie it is. 

Vacuum sealable with a relatively large internal power and oxygen supply, impact armour allows the epibatoi to operate without interruption regardless of what might happen. 

Impact armour integrates a backpack similar to that of the Kalshodar but smaller, carrying only oxygen and water recycling filters as well as one fusion cell instead of the Kalshodar three.

Impact armour carries no reflex shield protection so a fusion plant is not required either.

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