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Hyperion is an ocean world but it is far enough from its parent star of Theia that most of that ocean is frozen. Due to its slow orbit and rapid rotation when compared to Gaia, only  a band of  ocean around the equator tends to remain free of ice year-round. 

When the Ark colonists arrived here, though initial surveys determined the atosphere to be breathable, the state of the surface was of great concern, the ice is kilometers thick in places. But they discovered that the planbet is still techtonicly active and produces enough heat to keep most of the ocean liquid and temperate, even under all of that ice. 

The first thing they did was get the Ark to construct geothermal rigs and drop them onto the thicker areas of ice and here they bult Anchor City, the first settlement. Buiding on ice proved to a wise choice as, due to the nature of Hyperion, all life was aquatic and no terrestrial predators exist. They also discovered the algal blooms within the ice that made the planet look so pretty from orbit. 

Analysis found that not only were these algae edible, many of them had medicinal properties, one could live on them alone for as long as one liked and be in excelent health whil one did so. 

Of course, they ventured into the ocean sooner or later, first using boats made from the Ark's hull, and then in submarines, first fishing the abundant marine life quite happily. 

Then they discovered the giant Anagennon squid and built their specialised submarines to hunt it. It was discovered by accident, the amazing use for this elusive creature's venom, a sailor had lost an arm while fighting for his life in a siesmic storm and a squid, driven to the surface by the huge quakes in the depths, just happened to grab and sting the first thing it encountered, the sailor. 

His arm grew back in under two weeks, as whole and health as it had been before he set out, perhaps better. Soon, squid-milking became the most lucrative industry on Hyperion and Anagennis Serum refined from the squid's venom is now exported to medical facilities across The Empyraeum. 


The submersibles Hyperians use do not kiil the squi, then simply tow decoys that resemble their favouite food and allow the squids to grab and sting the hell out of them, filling bladders inside with venom. Decoys are occasionally lost but more get back to refinaries and improve the lives of billions.



Official Designation: Th-4-0-A

Solar System : Theia

Orbit: 6.2 Gaian Years

Rotation: 34 Gaian Hours

Diameter: 64,230 km 

Satellites: None

Atmosphere: Oxygen, nitrogen mix with strong hydrogen and idodene content

Orbital Position: 4th planet in system

Population:89 Million

Afiliation: Empyraeum

Colonised: EA 2131

Industry:  Fish based-condiments and crafts, algae-based compunds of medicinal and therpeutic use

Climate: Part-frozen planetary ocean

Max. Temperature: 9 degrees celcius

Min. Temperature: -60 degrees celcius

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