The last dragon in existence, as far as we are aware; Her story is one of great tragedy and sadness. She is easily ten-thousand years old and has been the last of Her race for around three-thousand of those; She chose to slowly die of a broken heart rather than live alone for what may well be the rest of time.

That may have been the end of the story had not the fleeing dwarves chanced upon the chamber beneath Chomolungma that She had chosen as Her tomb. Once she started to talk to the dwarves and even a few brave goblins, She learned of the state of the world outside and maybe started to nurture the seeds of what would become Her plan.

It is said that not even She realised how much the meeting She had with Alexander would change the world. Though it is clear that She can see the future, even She will admit that Her vision is incomplete.

To Alexander and the Kalshodar, She is the Mother of them all and the closest thing they have to a Queen or, perhaps, deity. She is spoken of with great reverence and love though few of them have seen Her since the day of their rebirth.