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The Harpy medium range superiority fighter is as much at home on atmospheric raids as it is defending a Kalshodar cruiser. Its stripped down twin Hellion EDX3 fusion engines and Hades-G2 microcore fusion reactor give a lot of power and stability, as well as lightning fast manoeuvrability. 

In atmosphere, it can manage mach 4-6 in a straight line and its light reflex fields and gravitational dampeners can keep an un-armoured pilot conscious at turns of 9-42 G. The airframe can handle 75 G but even the pilot's armour would not keep him or her awake after 60.

The Harpy is armed to two Scythia (the smaller version of the Medusae) rotary kinetic cannons with a ventrally mounted Archimedos particle cannon. It also has a number of laser pits on the upper and lower nose section.

The Harpy is the defensive mainstay of Kalshodar fleets and their pilots know well they valued status, tending towards arrogance and often trying to outdo one another of feats of calculated daring during engagements.

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