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The EAW-127 Gorgos Assault Rifle is probably the most overpowered infantry weapon ever invented. A quad-barrelled rotary kinetic projectile hurling nightmare, just one of these can clear a room of lightly armoured or un-armoured targets in less than a minute; about the time it takes for the Gorgos to empty that rather large magazine. Armour-piercing, explosive, incendiary or kòmos rounds, the Gorgos can take them all and fire them towards the Hoplite's enemies at a rate of fire that cares nothing for ammo discipline. 

The adaptive and compact sight allows the Hoplite to snipe a hurricane of death upon his enemies from a safe distance and the under slung grenade launcher has more than adequate range to add to the long distance delivery of chaos amongst Alexander's enemies. 

In the highly likely event that the Hoplite runs out of ammunition before he or she runs out of enemies, the Gorgos has lug clamps to set one's combat knife as a rather effective bayonet.

Named in honour of Medusa because nobody wanted to stand directly in front of her either.

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