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The Ghorkai are a wide-spread and dangerous race of exos. Though there is talk of a Ghorkai Nation, we have our doubts about the veracity of these rumours. Any examples of this species encountered by the Empyraen military - or very  unfortunate civilians - have comprised of bands of raiding 'Pirates', no home world or colonies have been found, just roving flotillas of amazingly well maintained spacecraft of varying displacements and significance. However, those few captured Ghorkai we have managed to make talk - in their brutal fashion they can speak understandable Glòsta - have spoken of the Black Sun, and unknown helion around which their supposed homeworld orbits. As of yet, we have been unable to locate this mysterious astronomical body and wonder if it is a figurative place rather than a mundane one. 

That the Ghorkai might have something approximating a culture and mysticism is unsettling to most scholars. They are a brutal race, militarily organised, and live a life of apparently constant conflict and piracy. They will raid any vessels that happen to cross their path and, at times, have raided Empyrean colony worlds in huge numbers. They only live to destroy and to take, so the idea of them having an anima, as it were, is a strange one. 

Your base Ghorkai can easily look a Kalshodar directly in the eye, being only a hair shorter, and is much broader and more heavily muscled. They wear rather impressive sealed combat armour and carry a range of devastating weaponry; though they are best known for their signature 'Reaper' cannons and vicious, tulwar-like swords which many fix to the armour’s vambraces with chains. Though they appear to favour primarily kinetic weapons, they have been observed using energy weapons, including some rather outlandish technology indeed. Ghorkai closely resemble the ogres and orcs of Gaian myth; large and brutish green-skinned monsters with a love of violence and a taste for human flesh. They are reptilian in nature and have a large number horny ridges and spines on their face, neck, and arms, making them tough to take down even without their armoured suits. 

To the lasting surprise of many, the Ghorkai are highly disciplined and well-organised. Add their large ample supply of aggression and apparent love of carnage to that and you will see why even the Kalshodar to not relish taking on a squad of these exos. They are fast, strong, aggressive, and possessed of an excellent command structure and sound tactical acumen. Thanks to this, as well as  their physiology and equipment, even a well-disciplined growler firing line has little time to have sufficient effect before they use their superior strength to good advantage in close combat. 

It is believed that the Ghorkai have no access to the voidgate system and only travel the stars by conventional means for the time being. However, if experience has taught us anything about these exos, it is to never underestimate them. 

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