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The face of the Efane may seem familiar to many, most people on Gaia have seen some version of it at some point in their lives. In fact, many claim to have seen this haunting visage in the flesh. 

That the Efane have been visiting Gaia for eion now is well-known, why they visit us and, allegedly, kidnap human beings for strange experiments, remains unknown. Nothing approaching formal contact with these exos has occurred yet. 

Some humans claim more recent contact with these beings, claiming they mean us no harm. Across the Ariadnea, online communities speak of an small Efane flotilla approaching Gaia. These same communities contain accounts of 'meetings' with these exos. 

There even exist recordings containing buzzing, clicking noises that almost sound like speech and then a voice, speaking broken Glosta, its every pronouncement ending with a gutteral click. It says that they, the Efane, have not been in Gaian space for many eion and what humans have encountered in that time were no more than broken things like biological automatoi. Things that were perhaps interfered with by Them. 

When pressed further on this, the voice mutters something in that incomprehensible clicking and will say no more; just repeating the word; Them. 

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