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Kalshodar Interdiction and Strike Cruiser. 

Though all twenty cruisers were built on the same basic template, their crew and commanders have refitted and customised them during their long travels as well as added features matching the personality and temperament of their resident Kalshodar. 

Each basic cruiser measures 5.4km long from stem to stern and 1.8km on the beam. The 'sail', on average, reaches 2.2 km in height, from sail-top to 'rudder' tip. It is powered by six Helion EDX-5 fusion engines and a Hades A/3 micro-fusion reactor and can reach top speed of 1/Gamma 0.75 - 1/Gamma 0.8, or 75-80% the speed of light, reaching 0-0.70 in 8.9 minutes.  Of course, the cruiser carries voidgate transponders and relativistic manoeuvring thrusters for supraliminal travel.

Armament consists of two Uranos ion cannons at the rear, an under-slung Medusae kinetic rotary cannon, sail and 'foredeck' mounted tachy-lasers, and various laser and ion  defence turrets, as well as three prow mounted torpedo tubes to a side. The prow-mounted ram is not purely decorative and has been used as an option of last resort (or perhaps old habit) on a few notable occasions.

Twin hangers on each side house the cruiser's compliment of Harpy fighters (80), Gryphon drop/gunships (25), and Stymphalion gunship/bombers (45) ready for defence and deployment as needed. They may also house a shuttle or two for command staff or visitors.

Their "Keel and Sail" construction is not simply for the purposes of nostalgia but ensures complete reflex field coverage and strength across the entire vessel. The three primary reflex pylons being built into these structures which are, logically, the most heavily armoured and well defended.

As well as their Kalshodar and Dracograth 'garrison', each cruiser had a human population of close to three thousand.

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